Some of you seem to have the same questions, so lets save some time and break it down for you:

Do I need to be in high school to apply?

  • Yes, if you're applying for yourself, but no, if you're applying for a high school student.

Is all I have to do is enter my information, write an essay on why I want to win, and post on social media that I entered?

  • Make sure you include the reasons why you think you should win in your essay and speak to what you would want to do in college or with your future. Get creative!

Do I get more points if people like my social media post?

  • No, being popular won't help you here.

Why do you need all of my contact information?

  • To get in touch with you if you win.

Why so many tax questions?

  • Because we want to give our accountant some upfront information on you if you win and ask us a bunch of questions about how to file your taxes and claim the money.

Should I email you to tell you I applied?

  • Please no, don't! We get a notification every time someone does, and you should receive a displayed confirmation once you press send from the website automatically.

I don't like your form entry, can I email you to apply instead?

  • No, sorry, we need it to stay organized with all of the expected entries.

Is there anything I can do to help me win? Like follow Derrick on social media and tweet him?

  • No, just complete the form and post one time on social media and don't forget to include #rosescholars2018 in your public post.

I don't have a public social media channel, because my parents won't let me, can i still enter?

  • No, sorry, posting on one social media account is required, and we need to be able to see that you did, and we can't if you are private.

Can me and my siblings enter and win? What about my best friend? 

  • Sure, there will be a few winners, so share with your friends + family.

Can my mom enter for me, and then I enter, and then win twice?

  • Double question, but you and your mom can both enter separately for you to try to win, but individual humans have to win, so you can't win from your mom's entry and your entry.

How strict is the September 30, 2018 11:59pm Pacific Time deadline?

  • Strict!

Can I ask you more questions, mine isn't on here?

  • Sure email us at info@rosescholars.com and we will get back to you asap!